"America Meet World": A Note on Trevor Noah & Our Show at Stand Up NY

April 9, 2015

Last week, South African comedian Trevor Noah was announced as Jon Stewart’s replacement at The Daily Show. Comedy Central’s decision to name Noah as successor to Stewart’s satirical legacy signifies more than a simple ‘changing of the guards.’ A long-time bastion of American humor, The Daily Show has been unique in its ability to reach into the American psyche, extending its humorous observances far beyond politics. Placing a multi-racial comedian at the helm of such an influencer has real consequences- good consequences. The decision signifies a narrative shift within the entertainment industry. “Choosing Noah represents an opening, the possibility that other international stories and artists could find a welcome home in the power hubs of American entertainment.”
- Trina DasGupta, America Meet World founder, pulled from her op-ed featured in Mic
One of the good consequences? Trevor Noah is igniting America’s interest in global comedy. Following the big reveal last week, our showcase at Stand Up NY sold out. Playing to an audience as international as its performers, six comedians from six continents brought the room to its feet. In some small way, the showcase’s success validated one of our cornerstone ideas- that exposure to difference allows us to see that we’re all the same.(There’s no better way to learn about each other than to laugh with one another. Cheers to many more sold-out comedy nights.) All video clips from the showcase will be available in the next few weeks. In the meantime, here are a few photographs to tide you over.
Loyiso Gola- Star of the Emmy-nominated political satire show, Loyiso Gola has been the winner of numerous accolades, including South Africa’s top comedian, he has been featured at top global festivals, including Just for Laughs and the Edinburgh Fringe.

Anuvab Pal- Anointed by the New York Times as “India’s most intelligent stand-up comic,“ Anuvab is a world renowned stand-up comedian, screenwriter and playwright from Mumbai.

Julio Torres - Brooklyn-based comedian who moved to NYC from El Salvador, has parlayed his short story and play writing into stand-up, most recently making him a Comedy Central Comic to Watch and part of the StandUp NBC College Tour.

Carmen Lynch- Made her network debut as one of the top 20 comics on the first season of ”Last Comic Standing.” She’s also done a lot of Spanish shows including SiTV’s “Latino Laugh Festival” and toured as one of the Latinas of Comedy with Paul Rodriguez.

Jon Fisch - Last Comic Standing 4 Audience Favorite Jon has appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. Former host of the widely popular podcast “In the Tank”, he’s also been featured in Maxim Magazine.

David Smithyman - Current writer for the ABC’s hit comedy ‘Fresh Off The Boat,” David was a finalist and touring member of NBC’s Stand Up For Diversity competition in 2013. He was recently named one of Comedy Central’s Comics To Watch.

Arnaud Collery- Born in France, Arnaud traveled the globe before setting in the US. Since 2005 he’s written and directed more than 30 shows in comedy, short film, theater, stand-up, and improvisation interviews on the streets of Los Angeles.